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To whom?

MyCoazh Football, MyCoazh Floorball and MyCoazh Icehockey are for scouts, coaches, friends and parents who want to make game statistics.


You can download MyCoazh Football/Floorball/Icehockey application iOS and Android mobile devices.

How much?

The application costs 2,99 € including unlimited use.

User experiences

“It is my job to scout national team players and candidates. Now I can forget pen and paper. MyCoazh enables me to go through these statistics and game performances with a player right after the game and later send the precise feedback to the player via email. This is so easy.”

“I scout national team players and candidates. I have used MyCoazh to estimate the players’ performance with the ball and without the ball. And that gives us a total feedback package.”

“As a parent, you are, of course, a little bit nervous about your daughter or son´s performance at games. Now you can do something useful, too. This statistical point of view gives a totally new way of watching the games and this is educational both to the parent and to the player.”

Contact information

Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact.
Game analysis guru Jussi Kauppi
+358 400 874 810 (In Finnish) (in English)
You can also find MyCoazh on Facebook (My Coazh), on Twitter (@MyCoazh) and Instagram (@MyCoazh).