PRO and Video Mobile Services

MyCoazh PRO and MyCoazh Video

To whom?

With MyCoazh you can make statistical game analyses of football, floorball and ice-hockey games and if there is a video of the game on Youtube, you can combine the statistics with the video. MyCoazh PRO/Video is for managers, clubs and coaches and it is sold as a year long/season long license. This includes training and gives you unlimited use of the programme.


You can get MyCoazh PRO and MyCoazh Video by contacting and by buying a license. The programme works as an iPad-application and all you need is an understanding of the game and an iPad with internet connection. All the game analyses are handily stored on the server and the whole coaching team can use them. You can send individual Results via email or Dropbox. The training will teach you how to use it real time.

How much?

The seasonal license for MyCoazh PRO costs 490 euros + VAT and for MyCoazh Video 690 euros + VAT.

Do you want to test first?

Are you interested, but want to test first? Try to keep a shooting chart for free ( or order a sample game analysis from The whole team game analysis (Results pages of the whole team and each player) is 50 euros + VAT and for one player 20 euros + VAT. Game analyses are made from game videos, which the buyer provides to a hidden page on Youtube.

User experiences

”MyCoazh has made game analyses for our team both live in tournaments and afterwards from videos. MyCoazh gives the coach tools to give individual player feedback. Video clips will help the coaches especially in tournament situations, when the teams play many games.”

“With real time spectator coaching and with the help of these statistics the coaching staff can check whether their own gut feeling is true: is the ball played to the striker often enough and in which direction she/he is playing? MyCoazh helps in giving individual player feedback and the video clips are revolutionary.”

“I have used MyCoazh in international games as a part of player feedback. MyCoazh gives me all the actions with the ball. To that I add my own opinion of the players’ total performance which includes playing without the ball, tactics and roles. Now, when we combine game videos and MyCoazh statistics, we are at the core of giving truly individual feedback.”

“Making MyCoazh statistical game analyses has really changed my way of looking at games. It tells, sometimes quite harshly, how the team, lines or even an individual player succeed/manage in the game. It has really made a revolution in giving feedback and in real time spectator coaching. With this opportunity to connect a game video to this, we have pretty much everything. You can learn to keep MyCoazh statistical game analysis in real time if you understand the logic of the game. Of course, you must know how to use tablets and you have to stay calm while doing it live. There are from 400 to 600 actions in one floorball game. You just have to monitor the situations to the end and mark after that.”

Contact information

Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact.
Game analysis guru Jussi Kauppi
+358 400 874 810 (In Finnish) (in English)
You can also find MyCoazh on Facebook (My Coazh), on Twitter (@MyCoazh) and Instagram (@MyCoazh).