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MyCoazh Feedback Services

To whom?

MyCoazh Feedback Services are a total feedback package. The services are made for scouts, coaches, players and parents and it is possible to combine both statistics and videos to the feedback.

MyCoazh Trainings are for clubs and coaches.


You can order MyCoazh Feedback Services from and the options are:

MyCoazh Player (a game analysis from an individual player and feedback discussions from 2 or 4 games with both statistics and video clips),

MyCoazh Game (a game analysis of the performance of the whole team and feedback discussions with the coach with both statistics and video) or

MyCoazh Tournament (all the games of the team in one tournament, scouting of opponents, feedback discussions with the coaching staff including both statistics and video).

How much?

4 hour MyCoazh –training 490 euros + VAT + travelling costs

MyCoazh Player: 2 games 90 euros + VAT and 4 games 170 euros + VAT

MyCoazh Game: 2 games 180 euros + VAT and 4 games 490 euros + VAT

MyCoazh Tournament: according to a contract

Do you want to test first?

Are you interested, but want to test and see first? Order a test game from MyCoazh PRO 20 euros + VAT and MyCoazh Video 50 euros + VAT (the subscriber makes sure that the game video is on Youtube)

User experiences

”My job it to select and develop coaches. MyCoazh gives solutions for both. In our club, we have used MyCoazh already for a couple of years and we have even our own MC-club (!) where the coaches are taught to use this information. Developing and training the coaches will inevitably benefit the players!”

“Tournaments are the best part in the work of the national team coaches. We coaches have all the time the feeling that we can´t do enough, especially when we are talking about giving individual player feedback. We have used MyCoazh both in analyzing our own games and giving feedback to players, and furthermore, scouting opponents, too. By connecting this automatically to the game video means that I don´t have to prepare video clips any more and I can sleep an hour and a half more at night.”

Contact information

Should you be interested do not hesitate to contact.
Game analysis guru Jussi Kauppi
+358 400 874 810 (In Finnish) (in English)
You can also find MyCoazh on Facebook (My Coazh), on Twitter (@MyCoazh) and Instagram (@MyCoazh).